Sunday, July 01, 2007

Through the Rabbit Hole

Yesterday, I happened to look out a back window and see a rabbit nibbling its way along our top terrace, headed towards my little garden. Now this may sound ordinary to you, but deep in the city of Portland, 39 blocks from its center, you may see raccoons, but you don't see wabbits!

Top terrace (re-enactment)

As I walked to another window for a better view, I could see that Pouncer (mighty huntress) had noticed him too, and was starting to stalk... so we hurried outside to break up the party. The rabbit bounded back to the rear fence and disappeared through a hole, and Pouncer ran off.

Pouncer on the top terrace (re-enactment)

When we were sure the coast was clear, we sent Charlie to investigate. He jumped the terraces and ran to the back corner of the yard, where he stood sniffing and snorting and scrabbling at the hole in the fence.

Charlie at the rabbit hole (re-enactment)

We called him in (Charlie will do almost anything for a treat), and I went to check it out myself. There, on the other side of fence, sat a big sleek bunny - - an obviously domesticated wanderer!

Bugs, through the rabbit hole

By the time I could check the newspaper lost-and-found and return with a carrot, the escape had apparently been noticed by his family and recapture was in progress.

As cute as he was, I hope he doesn't get out again and come back. Between Pouncer and Charlie, all their feline and canine visitors, and my garden-protectiveness, this is not a safe place for a bunny - - even a big one! And, while I could plug the hole, it would seriously degrade Pouncer's ability to cat around off-street. At least now we know where Bugs lives, so we can get him home if he does return... and if we can catch him...


Freda said...

Hey Charlies and Pouncher (And peeps),

Just be carefuls, cuz I'm kinda partial to DeltaBunnies if you know what I means.

We have sooo manys Jack and Jill rabbits down here. And they're soo bigs! I saw 1,2 1,2 four within a block of my place of abodements.

Bugs is reeeallys cute! A cooools spy photo.



Anonymous said...
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Kerrio said...

Of all the thing that we have had in our garden, Rabbits are not one of them! With 5 sight hounds and a rabid hunting cat, they obviously know better.

I wonder if the bunny got home?

Kerrio & co

Ferndoggle said...

OMG!! Bunnies!!!!!! My tummy is growling just looking at it.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Charlie.
Maybe that bunny was looking for some adventures.
I hope he is dafe at his home now!
Have a nice day

The Airechicks said...

Charlie & Pouncer

What a feast your garden must have seemed to "BUGS"....Your right he should not be dining out alone....

Pouncer looks like she means business - hunting business...

Keep us posted the only visitors we get are those pesky ragmuffin rats with fuzzy tails...

Shmoo said...


You've been tagged. You have to list 7 random things about yourself and then tag three other dogs


Amber-Mae said...

Charlie, you should get it next time & *ahem* You should bake that wee fella for din dins, kekeke!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Kien said...

Charlie.. i haven't seen a bunny before.. they taste good??...hmm..wonder when will those bunnies come 'visit' me?..heheh..sure i will give them a chase.. hahaha..

Golden Rossi

1001 JUEGOS said...

Hi Charlie,
Do you want to exchange links?
Your pal

Herbie said...

awww... you got an escape wabbit in your garden!

1001 JUEGOS said...
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Anonymous said...


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