Friday, March 16, 2007

The Nose Pose

Charlie has the silliest way of lying half-in and half-out of the kitchen, forelegs extended, and face resting on the floor. It doesn't look very comfortable, but it seems to be his position of choice in that location (and only that location).

Often he'll lie like that, eyes open, just watching.

Other times he'll fall fast asleep in the position.

Perhaps he discovered this pose when he found his elbows slipping out from under him on the smooth kitchen floor. Or maybe he likes the feel of the cool linoleum under his neck and chin. Or maybe he's just conserving energy for those all-important play sessions.

I don't know. And he's not telling!


Fu Fu said...

Hey Charlie, you look like a froggy laying like that. But you sure look comfy. :)

~ fufu

Sherman said...

I agree, you do look like a frog. I think it would be to uncomfortable to lie half in one room and half in another espesially with that bump in the middle.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hi L'il Charlie,

You have been nominated for "Photo of the Month" over at the DWB Bone Zone, head on over there and cast your vote :-)


Deanna said...

Dakota lies all on the tile because she gets hot with her long hair. Maybe Charlie just doesn't like the freezing tile on the delicate parts!