Monday, October 02, 2006

Crazy Dog

Charlie has always had an overdrive gear. It starts with "the zoomies," and then quickly escalates into "pogo stick to lick mom's face," followed by "nip mom's clothing," and culminating in all-out play biting. With mom, of course.

At such times Charlie seems beyond listening, beyond caring about consequences. He lives to play and play hard! I expect it's about extreme excess energy and needing someplace for it to go.

We tried to train him as a puppy to "sit" and "down" at such times and then diverted his attention with treats and legal toys.

And to an extent that works with adult Charlie. But it requires patience, discipline, and a toy within reach. When the "down" finally does get through, you can't pet his head or expect to just walk away unscathed. You are a target. The only options are to scratch his chest and stomach until he calms or to throw a ball and make an escape when he goes after it.

As he's gotten older this has manifested less. And since he started playing with Gabby, we've experienced hardly any episodes. But when she's not around for a few days... look out! Trouble on the hoof!!


ranger said...

oh i'm too nervous not to listen. but sometimes, when mom calls me (shhh! don't tell her) i pretend not to hear her. hehe.


Sunshade said...

Hey Charlie, how old are you? I'm almost 7, and I still sometimes get into my crazy mode and I'd start grabbing and pulling at my mum's sleeves or chew at my leash and shake it violently....... Of course then my mum starts to talk to me with her firm voice..sigh..

Why cant' they understand, we just get "happy" sometimes??

ps. check out the X-mas Card Exchage and see if you're interested!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Fu Fu said...

Hi Charlie,
Hope you're not biting too hard on your humans.

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

Hey Charlie, that tubey thingy is a tunnel from IKEA's kids section!! Maybe you would have fun in it too?? I like to play keep away games in it cause mum can never catch me that way!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Charlie - The Big Dog said...

Its all part of being a CHARLIE right:-)

Thats just what Charlies do:-)