Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hail the conquering hero!

Tuesday brought mega-excitement to Charlie's backyard - - a foreign KITTY! Slinking, slinking across the top terrace and along the back fence was a thin black cat. As it got to the midpoint, Charlie cut loose. Up the fence and over went the cat (barely visible in the picture). Levitating almost. Then, kitty threat neutralized, Charlie raced around the yard in a victory dance!


Anonymous said...

Hello Charlie ! What have you and Harley and Jessie been doing since February 5th? There is a Harley who lives with me too, except "my" Harley is a pretty grey cat instead of a golden retriever. But, all Harleys, whatever their color or shape, RULE ! My best friend is married to a person named Charlie. Charlies rule too !
Best wishes, Valeria.

4 Cats & 2 Goldens said...

I have a golden retriever too who just turned a year old. So far, she has NOT gotten along with my 3 cats. I may have to wait until she becomes an old lady!