Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Charlie is such a helpful dog! And so smart! Sometimes it's almost scary how perceptive he seems.

After we put the Christmas tree up, of course he was interested. He sniffed all the branches and nosed the ornaments. When his mom watered the tree, it was a perfect opportunity to initiate snuzzling. And then there was Jessie - - - who created a little kitty den under the branches and lay there sooo invitingly. So of course Charlie found the tree, well, fascinating.

Hmmm... this spot here needs another ball!

When he took his ball over to the tree and tried to set it on the branches, we were amused at first. And then astonished when we realized that the tree to him was filled with balls and he was adding more. What a smart helpful guy!

Happy Holidays, everyone! And a big WOOF, WOOF from Charlie!!


Sam I Am said...

Came across your blog nice reading.thank you for sharing .

L^2 said...

Hi Charlie
Wow, you've grown a lot since we last visited your blog! Glad to see you're back and still having fun.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

- Willow & Stella

Freda said...

Hey Charley,

Looks like you had fun helpin' decorate the tree. That looks like a real one. Ours has a real tree pole but the rest is that plastic stuff.

Dad says that when he was a puppy human livin' in Los Alamos, New Mexico, his family would go into the Sangre de Cristo mountains and cut their own tree. Bein' up north now, did you get to cut your own tree?

That would be sooo much fun! Your humans treein' and you peein'. Interestin' how tree and pee rhyme. Must be meant for each other.

Have a great New Year.



Charlie said...

Naw... we didn't get to go cut down our tree, but it sounds like FUN! I'm going to lobby for doing that next year!!

- C

Katherine said...

Wow Charlie! You are one smart - and handsome - dog! Looking good.

IndyPindy said...


You are SO SMART helping to decorate the tree!